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In Steamboat / Just saw “The Social Network”

by on Jan.25, 2011, under Uncategorized

So, on a ski trip, in Steamboat CO.. the skiing is excellent, the weather has been great, and it’s been nice to get away from work for a little while (though not nice to be away from the wife/pup/home)..
Of course, that’s not the point of this post.. the point is, I just watched TSN with a stack of friends, and then had to follow it up by explaining how it was that FaceBook beat out MySpace/other Social Network Tools, and then into how Twitter has taken over an arena that a bunch of other tools were also available for. Interesting talks.. I really should write all that stuff down sometime…..

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Some random items that were recently discussed….

by on Jan.12, 2011, under Uncategorized

So, I am up in MA at a client site. The folks I am working with are all upper level management, and many interruptions requiring their presence occurred. Each time, we’d have some random conversation.. here is a snap shot of topics:
1) How the departure of construction jobs to paid workers causes a shortage of blue collar folks that own pick-up trucks with plow blades.
2) How litigation risk has caused every one to over-react to everything. If a location isn’t declared an “EMERGENCY” and anything happens, no one wants to be libel.
2a) Instead of intelligently plowing once half way through a storm, then again at the conclusion (for all but emergency evac routes) every town pays their plowers time and a half to work continuously for hours before, all during, and hours after every tiny bit of snow.. so 1 or 2 storms in, EVERY town cries about being out of money.. but if they don’t and even one person gets hurt.. poof, litigation.
3) The sorry state of the educational system where teachers are forced to “teach to the test” in order to be “properly judged” against their peers, resulting in memorization drones as opposed to intelligent youth.
4) These days, everyone is so sure that the work they do CAN’T be done by anyone else, that people don’t understand the power of a true vacation.
4a) This also results in strange illness breakouts when people refuse to take sick days, resulting in co-workers all getting sick and so on.
5) (Everyone said “Not to sound like an old fogey” ) But how is that a Snow squall that 20 years ago wouldn’t result in any more than a 90 minute delay at MOST cause a “State of Emergency” that last a minimum of 2 days where everything is closed? Pathetic.

There was more, but that’s a start.

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New Years Pseudo Resolutions!

by on Jan.03, 2011, under Uncategorized

Ok.. not 100% resolutions.. but “concepts” that I mean to refine over the course of the year.. though some are pretty black and white, all are flexible/refinable as time goes on. (Note, while I am numbering them, that is simply the order they came to me, not an established hierarchy.)

1) Write a blog post once a week. (As is likely obvious, I don’t blog with an eye towards others reading (though I hope they do) but to get ideas/thoughts out of my head and into writing)
2) Attend a minimum of 1 concert/musical performance a month. (Back in High School I would hit up a show at least 2 times a week, in College, even more (as I played Trombone and would go to almost every concert that any friend was playing in), I NEED to get back something close, but being an adult, once a week is too much.. so once a month it is!)
3) Run a half marathon in as close to (or ideally less than) a pace of 8 Min/Mile. (Yep, I could probably train specifically for it and run it a lot faster.. but a good half marathon time does NOT equal a good Ultimate Player fitness base. So I’ll do what I can to run it at or near an 8 minute pace, while also doing my speed work in between to be ready for frisbee stuff)
4) Lose 15 pounds. (Last year I lost a bunch of weight, and was by far in the best shape I have been in since High School.. Seeing how much easier frisbee training/performance became, I’d love to get rid of the remaining 15 pounds of weight that is dragging me down.. whether this works or not.. who knows, but I sure as heck am going to try. (would I be unhappy if it was just 10 pounds, hell no, but figure I’d aim slightly higher))
5) Play at Nationals (I was going to write “get to nationals” but realized that I could go and watch, and that wouldn’t have any real meaning.  I have been playing Ultimate for so long, and had it take up so much of my life up to this point, that I really feel like I need this before I could stop playing competitively.  No idea what it will truly take to achieve this goal, as it involves a team, and not just myself.. but it’s unquestionably a goal, and one I want to achieve this year (I wanted to last year too.. but failed) We’ll see if this year can be better)

6) Listen more (this is a general ideal.. I do a really good job of listening via social media.. and a really crappy job in person.. mostly because I talk too much.. time to get better at listening.

I am sure I have more, but they will come out over time, as these few get revised. Happy 2011 all!

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