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My thoughts on Lance Armstrong

by on Jan.16, 2013, under Uncategorized

I realize I don’t update this blog anywhere NEAR enough, but with all the hullabaloo around Armstrong, and the thoughts in my head, I figured I should get them down to get them out of my head.
I am sure I am in the minority, but I strongly feel that if you are single minded in your desire to win, and everyone else is doing something that helps them artificially be better than you, then you have a decent case to do what they do to even the playing field. This goes for Armstrong, showing that on an even playing field, he was the best (and i’d argue, if no one doped, he still would have been the best) just as it goes for the Baseball players (who I feel SHOULD be allowed in the Hall, but that’s a separate debate).
Now, distancing ourselves from that is the lying. When telling everyone “I did no such thing” and vehemently attacking anyone who questions you about it when you know you did? That makes you an Ass Hole. Plain and simple. It makes it so that EVERY person who believed in you and wanted to support you feels like they have been cheated. And rightfully so. There is NO apology for that. Had you come out, on day 1 as the allegations were swirling, and it was being made clear that EVERY competitor was doing the same thing and said “Yes, we all did it, we all regret it, but as we were all doing it, it was an even playing field and I feel no remorse for doing what I needed to ensure the playing field was level so I could show how much harder I trained/was physically gifted/etc” then life is grand. We all feel bad that the sport world got to that point, but we respect you for being honest, and understand the mentality that got you there and we move on. But ya didn’t.. so we instead feel like we were lied to/cheated and that you don’t deserve anything but condemnation.
At this point, we step away from the sports side:
Yes.. we should and can still be incredibly proud of the fact that you beat cancer. It wasn’t the doping that beat cancer, it wasn’t the cycling that beat cancer, it was an indomitable will that beat cancer. That’s a will that, if we get the sport side removed completely, we should be able to look up to.
In addition, you did everything you felt you could to increase awareness in Cancer. Working with victims, making their days brighter every chance you could, and becoming a symbol (cue Batman: A symbol is greater than any man etc) for the FIGHT against Cancer. This SHOULD be able to stand on it’s own. I like to think that for me, it does. For others? Well, the decisions made with the lying might make that impossible. Time will tell.
For me though? I read a post like : and see just how powerful something small like holding up a sign, taking a picture and sending it can be to a person in need. How many countless times seeing your name and knowing that you flat out CARED was enough to help keep people fighting for their lives. That’s a HUGE deal. I’d argue it’s a significantly larger deal than the lying, but again.. that’s just me.
It will be up to everyone how they view the “Big Picture”. I choose to view it as the Cancer Survivor, victim supporter, and awareness master-mind beats out the lying cheating cyclist.
Your results may vary.

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