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by on Jan.30, 2012, under Uncategorized

I have done various types of workouts for Ultimate.. stupidly, I only started getting really serious in the last few years about getting into truly good shape for playing.. (if only I had done this at age 20 instead of 30!) but this year.. in addition to a planned set of track workouts/speed workouts once the season gets closer I have started an actual “lifting” program. Now, while I have lifted in the past for Ultimate.. it isn’t the same as having a focused plan that someone put together with exact exercises/reps/schedule/etc.. So I am pretty curious to see if this plan gives me any measurable gains. The hardest part, though, is knowing that any major measurable gains likely won’t be felt/noticed until 8-12 weeks through as I work through getting my body used to the work load/build muscle/turn the muscle into explosiveness. I hate waiting.
(For anyone curious, the workouts are coming from

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Way too much time

by on Jan.28, 2012, under Uncategorized

between posts that is! I also spent way too much time trying to figure out what I wanted as a home page for I wanted something simple and cool that I could use to redirect to the various things I actually updated once in a while.. thinks like FaceBook, Twitter, SmugMug and the Pickup page that I host. Then I realized that this silly WordPress thing was designed to handle all of that for me.. I didn’t need to do any late-night coding.. or anything special, I just needed to set this page up correctly!
Of course.. with this decision, it means I need to post a fair bit more often here.. so I’ll endeavor to do that as much as possible. No promises as to content, though I expect it will include poor CapiTaliZatioN as I tend to randomly capitalize words when I am not writing for a formal work document. Spell check will handle it’s duties, but grammar is also guaranteed to be poor. The one thing I CAN promise is that the words will all be mine, the thoughts will be ones that rattle in my head until I spread them here and at the end of the day… reading the posts will sound a heck of a lot like listening to me. (i.e. long winded, kinda rambling, but still somewhat enlightening/enjoyable or at least interesting (I hope).
With that said.. here goes nothing!

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I don’t Understand

by on Mar.10, 2011, under Uncategorized

I HATE doing documentation. Of Any sort. It can be simply writing up notes from a work call, it can be writing notes from a meeting (work or personal life) or it can be a full fledged report that I owe after working with a customer for a full week. Even though I know that the customer spent a ton of money to have me there for a week, and that they expect to receive a summary report of that time.. I HATE writing that summary report. No explicable reason, I just hate it. I’ll procrastinate for weeks, sometimes months on getting it done. It’s not that it’s hard, I just hate it with a passion that borders on insanity. If I spent 1/10th of the amount of effort writing it as I did hating it, I would be amazing at it and able to finish it within an hour.. but instead, it sits on my to-do list like a tumor, until finally, I have to do something about it or I can’t get anything else done.
Wish I understood why.

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If you ask for a resource… allow it to help!

by on Mar.04, 2011, under Uncategorized

I was asked to assist on a con-call responding to a customer/partner concern. I said I would be happy to help, and was then placed in a con-call with all of the parties.
At this point, the person who asked me to participate proceeded to talk non-stop for the entire call.. I don’t believe he breathed, just talked non-stop. The one time he paused to let me speak, I said the first two words, and then he proceeded to talk over me immediately, and thereby not only spoke incorrectly a bunch of times, but wasted me time.
So.. a note to all.. If you want a resource, USE them as a resource, don’t waste their time!

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Concert 2 of the year!

by on Feb.20, 2011, under Uncategorized

Last Wed. went back to the 9:30 club to see Dumstaphunk, Fishbone and Slightly Stoopid.. I was mainly going for the two opening bands, and it turned out I was correct. Dumstaphunk was a great group of guys who obviously have played together for years.. they were super tight, with a GREAT bass player and keyboard player who kept the funk going for their whole set.
Fishbone was their regular selves.. Completely AWESOME! Tore the place up, and was a complete blast to watch.. kept us jumping the whole time, wish they had been the headliner band so they could have played for longer.
Slightly Stoopid I have never really listened to.. they were incredibly talented (the two lead guys switched guitar/bass with no noticeable difference in performance) BUT, their music wasn’t to my taste.. a bit too much frat boy spring break music I would call it.
Overall.. 2 months into 2011, 2 concerts.. time to find my next show!

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I don’t lack in execution, I lack in inspiration

by on Feb.14, 2011, under Uncategorized

I LOVE the idea of working on a start-up idea, I just lack that idea. I guess that’s why the real money is made by the folks with the idea!

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Concerts are a go!

by on Feb.10, 2011, under Uncategorized

So, one of the things I wanted to do more of this year is hit up a few live shows. I believe my original statement was at least 1 a month.. so, while I failed in January, I already have been to 1 in February, and have a second scheduled for next Wed (so I am averaging out to fine ;)
Earlier this week went to see Cowboy Mouth on the encouragement of friends who said they are not to be missed. Man, where they right!
The front man/drummer could seriously get a room filled with ANYONE to have a good time.. just a great personality with control over the room in the first minute and not letting it go until he wanted to.. amazing show to see. In the aftermath, I have listened to quite a few songs of theirs, but to be honest, they lack the draw the live show has in a pretty big way.. so, while It’s unlikely I will purchase any of their cd’s.. I will make a HUGE effort to make sure I see them whenever they are in town from now on, and encourage you to do so as well!
(If interested, the show next week is Slightly Stoopid, who I don’t really care about/know about, and Fishbone and Dumstaphunk, both of which I am PSYCHED to see)

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I ended up with a Chrome Laptop!

by on Feb.01, 2011, under Uncategorized

So, the UPS man stopped by today with a few packages.. the first was a new pair of shoes my wife had bought me, and was expected.. the second box, I had no idea what it was. I opened it up, and all I saw was “warning: lithium battery inside”. I had NO idea what was in the box, until i had it mostly unwrapped, and then suddenly realized, that even though it had been a few months since I had registered, *poof* I had a brand new Chrome Laptop!
Been using it for a few hours now.. I really like the keyboard.. having just a touch pad with no buttons is taking me a while to figure out.. I LOVE th two finger scrolling (as every Mac user wonders why windows hasn’t copied that feature) but having to click the touch pad still seems odd.
In terms of overall form factor, I kept considering getting a netbook, and this feels small enough and with good enough battery life to ensure that I don’t need one. I DO wish it had an SD slot for uploading photos from my camera, but it does have a USB plug, so I guess I can use that in a pinch. Beyond that, I’ll report back later how it feels to utilize a laptop that only has a browser ;)

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In Steamboat / Just saw “The Social Network”

by on Jan.25, 2011, under Uncategorized

So, on a ski trip, in Steamboat CO.. the skiing is excellent, the weather has been great, and it’s been nice to get away from work for a little while (though not nice to be away from the wife/pup/home)..
Of course, that’s not the point of this post.. the point is, I just watched TSN with a stack of friends, and then had to follow it up by explaining how it was that FaceBook beat out MySpace/other Social Network Tools, and then into how Twitter has taken over an arena that a bunch of other tools were also available for. Interesting talks.. I really should write all that stuff down sometime…..

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Some random items that were recently discussed….

by on Jan.12, 2011, under Uncategorized

So, I am up in MA at a client site. The folks I am working with are all upper level management, and many interruptions requiring their presence occurred. Each time, we’d have some random conversation.. here is a snap shot of topics:
1) How the departure of construction jobs to paid workers causes a shortage of blue collar folks that own pick-up trucks with plow blades.
2) How litigation risk has caused every one to over-react to everything. If a location isn’t declared an “EMERGENCY” and anything happens, no one wants to be libel.
2a) Instead of intelligently plowing once half way through a storm, then again at the conclusion (for all but emergency evac routes) every town pays their plowers time and a half to work continuously for hours before, all during, and hours after every tiny bit of snow.. so 1 or 2 storms in, EVERY town cries about being out of money.. but if they don’t and even one person gets hurt.. poof, litigation.
3) The sorry state of the educational system where teachers are forced to “teach to the test” in order to be “properly judged” against their peers, resulting in memorization drones as opposed to intelligent youth.
4) These days, everyone is so sure that the work they do CAN’T be done by anyone else, that people don’t understand the power of a true vacation.
4a) This also results in strange illness breakouts when people refuse to take sick days, resulting in co-workers all getting sick and so on.
5) (Everyone said “Not to sound like an old fogey” ) But how is that a Snow squall that 20 years ago wouldn’t result in any more than a 90 minute delay at MOST cause a “State of Emergency” that last a minimum of 2 days where everything is closed? Pathetic.

There was more, but that’s a start.

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