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Making uncomfortable decisions and learning to distance yourself from them

by on Mar.02, 2010, under Uncategorized

I co-TD a very Large Ultimate Frisbee tournament every year (actually 2, but this is the harder one). Every year, we receive in the ball park of 100 “bids” for 48 spots. This means that about half of the teams you have to talk to, are unhappy with you.
In order to distance any one person from being the “bad guy”, we have a committee of 9-11 different people with different backgrounds etc to help make the decisions. By “help” I mean that each person, whether a Tournament Director or not, has an equal say and an equal vote. I talked before about how this means the best decisions are made, but that not everyone ends up happy.
The new thing, though, is that as TD’s, we are the “face” of the decision. We tell the happy teams they got in, and have to explain to the unhappy teams that we hope they have better luck next year. In all of this.. we have to have just the right amount of “we feel bad..” along with the blank face to protect the tournament itself and our staff/helpers/committee etc. To do this, we have to distance ourselves from the replies. Folks come back with a “why have YOU done this to ME?!” and we need to reply in a manner that shows that we care about them the person, while also making it clear that it’s not our direct call, and really.. they should try next year. (While not accidentally getting suckered into promising anything for next year)
Not a fun job.. but it’s part of the job.. and it does get easier year after year. . but still.
Not easy.

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